Dental Tourism May Be the Answer You're Looking For.

Are you faced with limited dental insurance coverage? Dental tourism may be the answer. Are you looking for an affordable dentist with top-notch dentist credentials? Again, dental tourism may be for you.

It was for me:

The founder of Holiday Dental Inc. describes his personal experience with dental tourism in Mexico, which led him to found Holiday Dental. Holiday Dental assists dental tourists in accessing pre-screened dentists in holiday destinations of Mexico, and in avoiding the pitfalls of dental tourism.

The services of Holiday Dental are offered free of charge to you the dental tourist.


My local dentist told me I needed a dental implant, cost; $5,000. Although I had dental insurance, I found my dental insurance coverage was very limited. I had a good income. mexico resortStill, I wanted to conserve funds, but how? I consulted a local dentist directory and found that in Canada, dental implants cost about the same everywhere. Then I thought, why not dental tourism?

While living in Ontario, I had heard of medical tourism, which involves people from Canada travelling to foreign countries to obtain medical procedures. Generally, the idea is to pay privately for medical procedures in order to reduce suffering caused by medical waiting times. People were finding that there are doctors working outside of Canada who are every bit as qualified and competent as doctors in Canada, and that the quality of care and facilities were the same, and in a lot of cases better than in Canada.

So I started researching dental tourism on the internet. I found a dentist directory for almost every country with direct flights from Canada. Each had links to dozens and even hundreds of dentist websites. Many of the websites looked very professional and most had patient endorsements from mexico resortpeople like "Mark K. from Seattle". But who were these people? I didn't know them and could not verify anything about them or the dentists. After four months of searching the internet, I was still not comfortable enough to fly to a foreign country for dental care. I never found a source of information I felt I could really trust.

Then a co-worker mentioned that her distant relative had had extensive dental work done in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Apparently she was very happy with the end result and the price. Finally I'd found someone who might give me an objective, informed opinion. When I talked to her, she highly recommended the dentist she'd visited. I called them and was told I would save $3,000 on the dental work I needed. Perfect! After travel expenses I would still save over $1,000, and get to enjoy two week long stays in a tropical paradise essentially for free. I was on my way.

In the end, I did save the money I had expected, and I am happy with the finished product. However things did not work out exactly as planned. In respect of my patient-practitioner relationship, I don't disclose the details to outside parties, but there were 13 aspects of my experience with the dental practice that made me uncomfortable. Included in the list is what I have since come to know as Infection Prevention and Control, Ethics (high pressure up-selling), and provision of support for me as a dental tourist.

mexico dentist

A patient receives dental care in Mexico. Note: Dental instruments are being drawn from a tray that is a component of a cartridge style autoclave. An autoclave is a device that ensures instruments are sterilized through the use of steam and pressure. This same technology is used in Canadian and American dental offices and also in all dental offices systematically pre-screened for you by Holiday Dental Inc.

My experience made me think, there has to be a better way to find quality, safe dental work outside of Canada and the United States. And so I developed the Holiday Dental protocol, based in part on North American standards, to identify the best dentists within the Mexican dental industry. Dentists whose credentials, standards of practice and track record demonstrate that they and their clinics are in a select group. The protocol was applied on-site with a group of dentists identified within the industry as being the most capable and professional. Some dentists advanced, most did not. A second on-site pre-screening was then conducted to assess the remaining dentist's ability to support dental tourism as a major element of their practice.

This process identified the best dentists to serve the dental tourism market. Dentists that I could be confident in, and whose credentials, standards, abilities and record of performance allows me to refer to them as a pre-screened, select group.

I founded Holiday Dental to be the better way for dental tourists to find affordable, quality dental care in beautiful vacation destinations.

Daren Frick - Founder, Holiday Dental Inc.

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Dentist Search in Mexico. We've Done the Research for You.
We did the dentist search for you. Holiday Dental has researched dental touism in Mexico like noone else. See our video interviews with dental education leaders in Mexico. All qualified dentists.
Dentist Search in Mexico. We've Done the Research for You.
We did the dentist search for you. Holiday Dental has researched dental touism in Mexico like noone else. See our video interviews with dental education leaders in Mexico. All qualified dentists.
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