Dental Instrument Sterilization: Crucial to Safe Dental Treatments

If you require anything from affordable dental implants to professional teeth whitening, Holiday Dental recognizes the importance of appropriate sterilization practices in ensuring safe dental treatment. As a dental tourist, you need to know that your dentist is observing appropriate sterilization measures. This is an area of assessment that cannot be overlooked.

Within the dental industry, sterilization falls within what is referred to as Infection Prevention and Control. Infection Prevention and Control is one of several focal points of Holiday Dental's on-site dental practice review.

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Autoclaves (above and below) are devices that use steam and pressure to sterilize instruments. There were several companies displaying various models of autoclaves at the World Dental Congress in Mexico City. This is the same technology used by dentists in Canada and the United States, and also by all dentists in Mexico who have been pre-screened by Holiday Dental.

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Infection Prevention and Control including instrument sterilization is studied by all students at every dental school we visited.

This page contains just a few pictures demonstrating the calibre of sterilization equipment and training available in Mexico. This is something Holiday Dental looks at closely during our screening process.

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All dental schools visited by Holiday Dental made use of a centralized instrument sterilization area. Each student was issued sterilized instruments at a pick-up window (right). Note: All instruments are encased in sealed plastic to ensure a sterile state is maintained.

Additionally, each student, as a facet of their education, was trained in instrument sterilization and worked in the sterilization area according to a rotating schedule (below).

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Prior to being placed in an autoclave, instruments are run through an ultrasonic liquid bath (above). This removes what is referred to as bio-burden. Again, this technology is used in Canada and the United States and by all dentists in Mexico who have been pre-screened by Holiday Dental.

Prior to being placed in an ultrasonic bath, the instruments are washed in a deep sink (below). This allows all instruments to be completely submerged while being washed with a long handled brush. This technique eliminates any possible liquid splashing. Yet again, done in Canada and the United States, and also done by all dentists pre-screened by Holiday Dental.

Note, the Clinical Regimen for proper sterilization techniques is posted for every station in the instrument sterilization process, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that students are ingrained with the knowledge they need to operate a safe dental practice (see above and below).

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The sterilization equipment and techniques applied in the most modern dental schools are also applied at all practices pre-screened by Holiday Dental.

A Note of Thanks:
Dr. Enrique Acosta-Gio, DDS, PhD, is an authority on Infection Prevention and Control recognized throughout the world. He's been consulted by the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control and by Holiday Dental during our initial pre-screening activities. Despite his imposing professional stature, and the competing demands for his time from around the world, Dr. Acosta-Gio gave freely of his valuable time in order to assist us.

On behalf of dental tourists seeking safe, affordable, high quality dental care in beautiful holiday destinations, thank you Dr. Acosta-Gio.

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