Need An Affordable Dentist? Consider Going Global.

Canadians and Americans searching for affordable dentists at home are often frustrated. Affordable dental care in North America has become increasingly hard to find. Since 1984, the increase in the cost of dental services has outpaced overall inflation by more than two to one. This rate of increase was also greater than the cost increase for medical services over the same period (source: Dental Economics ®).

It's not surprising that dental insurance plans refuse to cover the full billed amount of many dental procedures, even basic ones. dental implants cost

A continual increase in dental costs, combined with a reduction in coverage relative to those costs, has squeezed many consumers, including those with dental insurance plans.

In an increasingly globalized economy, many Canadians and Americans are open to the option of travelling to find quality, reasonably priced dental care. There is general understanding that highly qualified dentists can be found practicing in other countries. In many cases, while persuing their professional credentials, those practitioners will have at some point studied somewhere in North America or Europe.

Additionally, the strength of the Canadian dollar on world markets has given Canadians buying power in the world like never before. Still, many Canadians hesitate when it comes to taking advantage of their new opportunities to obtain affordable dental care. Several valid concerns cause them to hesitate.

Concerns such as:

1. Will the Quality of Care and Dentist Credentials Be Comparable to What's Found in Canada and the US?

2. Do Dental Insurance Plans Cover Work Done by Dentists In Foreign Holiday Destinations?

3. What About the Cost of Travel? Will That Off-Set My Savings?

4. Will the Equipment and Facilities Be Up-to-Date?

5. I Think Dental Tourism Is The Right Choice For Me, But I Need Help To Find a Dentist I Can Have Confidence In.

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