Dental Continuing Education for Mexican Dentists.

Holiday Dental attended the World Dental Federation annual World Congress to see dental continuing education in action in Mexico.

Dentistry is a continually advancing field. Every year new technologies and techniques come on-line. For this reason, dental continuing education is critical for dentists everywhere, and should be a major factor for anyone considering dental tourism. In his book, Billion Dollar Smile, Dr. Bill Dorfman (featured dentist on Extreme Makeover) states that almost everything he does in his day to day practice he learned AFTER finishing dental school.

In Mexico, the requirement for continuing education varies depending on the type of dentist. (See dentist credentials to learn more).

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For Mexican dentists who are General Practitioners, there are no enforced, on-going requirements for continuing education. Despite this, certain GP dentists opt to maintain their knowledge voluntarily by participating in educational activities.

For dentists belonging to the Mexican Dental Association and for specialist dentists, there is a formal continuing education requirement. Similar to dentists in Canada, they must stay current by taking part in continuing education. For this reason, being a member of the MDA and holding a dental specialist license are two factors that Holiday Dental looks for early in the pre-screening process.

World Dental Federation - Scientific/Educational Program

The WDF Education Committee, with members from the US, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, and Argentina, establishes the international scientific program offered at the WDF Congress. Attendance at the scientific sessions earns dentists credits towards meeting their continuing education requirement.

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International Dental Educators Forum, including Dr. Maria Clara Rangel (Columbia - 2nd from left), Dr. Patrick Ferillo (USA - 3rd from left), Dr. Rolando Peniche (Mexico - center), Dr. Guillermo Ortiz (Mexico - 2nd from right).

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Dr. Rolando Peniche gave an inspiring presentation regarding the movement towards standardization of dental educational requirements globally and particularly within the western hemisphere.

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Dr. Patrick Ferillo, Dean, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, USA, presenting on Global Trends in Higher Dental Education.

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Daren Frick, founder of Holiday Dental, attending the scientific program presentation: Global Trends in Patient Safety and Infection Control, co-presented by Mexico’s Dr. Enrique Acosta-Gio, an internationally respected authority on Dental Infection Prevention and Control.

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