Dental Implant Price List; Come To Mexico For The Savings, But Be Wary If The Price Is The Major Selling Feature

When looking for dental work in Mexico it's easy to be swayed by low advertised prices. As explained on Mexico Dentist Equipment, dentists in Mexico can be grouped into two categories depending on the market they serve:

1) high-end domestic and dental tourism market and,
2) low-end domestic and dental visitor market.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing from a distance which category a dentist fits into. Even when examining a practice in person, unless the time is taken on-site to probe, by someone who knows what to look for, you may still be vulnerable to positive but superficial appearances. Additionally, not all dentists in the first category will have the capacities or location to meet the needs of dental tourists.

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Many dental tourists are motivated, at least in part, by the possibility of saving money. As a result many dentists in Mexico, will advertise prices that are attractive even in the Mexican dental market. This will invariably mean that,

a) You're dealing with a dentist who really is not equipped to serve your needs in a safe and competent way. For example, procedures might be performed for which the dentist is not fully trained, equipment might be recycled when it should not be, continuing education may be neglected, etc. All of these are ways of conserving funds in order to be cost competitive. Given the competitive forces in the Mexican dental market, you do not want to go to a dentist whose major advantage over his competitors is price.

b) Once you are in the chair, there will be significant price creep. Suddenly the restoration you thought was included in the price will be extra, or there will be high pressure up-selling.

The dentists pre-screened by Holiday Dental are extremely price competitive when compared to dentists in Canada and the US. This is because they, like all dentists in Mexico, benefit from the cost advantages of being in the Mexican dental market (as explained in the "Price" section at Mexico-Dentist-You; Where Else Mexico). However the dentists pre-screened by Holiday Dental do not compete on price with other dentists in their own market. Their competitive advantage relative to their peers is their ability to perform to a standard that dental tourists expect and to stand behind the work they do, offering you great savings without sacrificing quality or peace of mind.

So the next time you ask for a dental implant price list, be careful what you're asking for.

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