Dental Specialists in Mexico (and Elsewhere) Part 2 - Dental Implant Specialist, Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentist

1. Dental Implant Specialist (Spanish = Especialista en Implantes Dentales)*

A dentist, who may or may not be a specialist, who performs dental implants.

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*Please Note: In Canada, the United States and Mexico, implantology is not recognized as a specialized dental discipline. This means that technically, and legally, no dentist (at least in Canada and in most jurisdictions in the United States) can refer to themselves or their practice as a dental implant specialist. In most jurisdictions there is a restriction, generally enforced by the dental associations and dental colleges, that prevents dentists from including the word "implant" in their clinic's name. It's felt this would create the wrong impression and amount to false advertising. Although any dentist may opt to dedicate his or her entire practice to performing dental implants and nothing else, this restriction remains.

In Mexico, there is no restriction on advertising dental implants, and dentists will commonly advertise that they perform the procedure.

In any of these three countries, a dentist with training in any dental discipline (including general practitioner), can become trained to perform dental implants by attending a workshop, generally of about five days duration.

2. Orthodontist (Spanish = Ortodoncista)

A dental specialist focussing on the treatment of malocclusions (improper alignment of teeth). This is typically done through the use of dental braces and retainers.

Because the course of orthodontic treatment usually spans more than a year and requires recurring visits to the orthodontist over that time, this type of treatment is not usually practical within a dental tourism delivery model. An exception would be in the case of an individual living within commuting distance of the Mexican border, in which case dental cross border shopping may be an option.

3. Pediatric Dentist (Spanish = Dentista Pedi√°trico)

A dental specialist focussing on the dental treatment and oral health care of children from infants to adolescents.

Please Note:

A. Specialist definitions are provided for interest only.

As mentioned on "Qualified Dentists - Find a Good Dentist"; in order to improve convenience for the patient, dentists in Mexico work with a team approach, out of one location, when serving an individual patient. This is particularly true for those dentists serving the dental tourism market. The lead practitioner of all practices pre-screened by Holiday Dental are specialists. In order to meet your needs and depending on the procedure required, it is possible that an additional specialist will work with the lead practitioner.

B. The Spanish equivalent term is provided for interest only.

All dentists pre-screened by Holiday Dental are fluent English speakers. Patients accessing services through Holiday Dental do not need to concern themselves with language issues.

C. Procedures Offered by More Than One Type of Specialist

Because all dental specialist are qualified as dentists prior to obtaining a specialist license, many procedures can be delivered by different specialists. Examples are: fillings, implants, most cosmetic dental procedures, etc.

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