Dental Implants Cost Less in Mexico.

Why International Implant Manufacturers Are Focussing on Mexico.

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Canadian and American dental patients are coming to realize that dental implants cost a lot more at home than in Mexico. They are also realizing that when the work is done by a qualified, pre-screened dentist in Mexico, they can obtain an affordable dental implant without sacrificing quality.

What's more, the implants used in all three countries, and around the world, are made by the same multi-national manufacturers.

It came as no surprise that the biggest names in dental implant manufacturing had reserved prime exhibitor spots at the tradeshow taking place at the World Dental Federation annual World Congress. They already know what the dental consuming public is just starting to realize; when their implant products are used by qualified dentists, the finished work will satisfy patients. This is true whether the billed cost to the patient is $5,000 or $2,000 for the same work.

Once the public realizes how to find qualified dentists who have been pre-screened, the lower cost market is where market growth is going to occur and that's why manufacturers are jockeying for position in Mexico.

A Nobel Biocare representative demonstrates the latest in CAD/CAM scanners, available in Mexico and throughout the world, for creating perfect restorations (i.e. crowns, false teeth, bridges, etc.).

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Two of the giants in the global dental implant field are Nobel Biocare (based in Sweden) and Straumann (based in Switzerland). There are several others; 3M (USA), Biomet 3i (USA), Leone (Italy), Zimmer (USA), and AB Dental (Israel), but internationally, Nobel and Straumann are market leaders.

Seeing the prominent exhibitor spaces these two manufacturers reserved, indicates they are attempting to gain market share in Mexico. Because most of their marketing efforts are directed towards dentists, the situation is likely to create downwards pressure on prices charged to dentists, which should result in the cost of dental implants remaining much lower in Mexico than in Canada or the US. 0096 dental implants cost in Mexico Several other manufacturers from around Europe are focussed on implant related and other dental products. They were also represented at the exhibition Sybron (Germany) and Ivoclar-Vivadent (Liechtenstein) With growth occurring in both the dental tourism market and the domestic dental market, market share in Mexico is what all these manufacturers are after.

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Who ever said reps for multi-national implant manufacturers don't know how to have fun?

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