Dental Insurance Plans and Drug Coverage

1. Dental Insurance Plans, Will They Cover Your Procedure in Mexico?

Dental insurance plans are underwritten by large, multinational companies. Their primary objective, like any large company, is to earn profit for their shareholders. They do this in a number of ways.

First they maximize revenues by:

a. increasing their policy revenue stream through marketing efforts, i.e. sell more dental insurance plans and,

b. investing cash on hand in securities that will give them a return on investment.

Second they minimize their expenses and claim payouts.


In other words, insurance companies are just as anxious to save money on quality dental work as you are (probably even more anxious than you are).

They have no reason to demand that you have work done in Canada or the US. In fact, if you present a lower claim for coverage, your insurance carrier will likely appreciate your efforts to join the trend towards dental tourism. Additionally, these companies understand the benefits of international commerce. All dentists pre-screened for you by Holiday Dental are able to assist in completing the paper forms for submission to your dental insurance carrier.

During my dental tourism experience, dental insurance coverage wasn't really a consideration. My dental insurance covers dental implants at 0%. That's pretty poor coverage, but it's not unusual. Some other carriers cover only a minimal amount of the cost of dental implants, but only after a waiting period, during which premiums will likely have been many times that amount.

2. Drug Coverage, Will It Apply?

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I can comment directly on prescription drug coverage in respect of dental tourism.

My carrier for drug coverage is Sun Life.

After my implant was first placed, I was prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. I saved the receipts and later submitted them for coverage with no problem. There were two additional steps that I had to take in order to do this:

1) look-up, via Google, the Drug Identification Numbers, issued by Health Canada, as these are required by the insurance company and,

2) look-up, again via Google, the Peso to Canadian dollar exchange rate for the day in question.

Both steps took about two minutes and my prescriptions were covered at 100%.

Note: Prescription drugs in Mexico are substantially less expensive than in Canada and the US. In Puerto Vallarta, one of my prescriptions came out to about 40 cents per tablet. I later found the same drug costs about 90 cents per tablet in Canada.

Again, at 100% coverage, I'm sure Sun Life was more than happy to cover the cost of a prescription filled in Mexico as opposed to in Canada.

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