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Mexico Dental Tourism FAQ

Question 1. I know someone who went to a dentist in Mexico for dental tourism. They were satisfied with the care they received. Shouldn't I just go to the dentist they recommend?

Answer: A recommendation from someone who's been a patient of a particular dentist is a convincing endorsement. However, most people's experience and knowledge of dentistry is limited to a basic consumer's level. While they will be able to offer an opinion as to whether the dentist seemed professional, and whether support staff appeared to be doing a good job, the fact is, unless the person making the endorsement knows about dentistry to a level beyond the norm, the endorsement is going to be fairly superficial.

In fact, even a person with in-depth knowledge about dentistry will not be able to offer an informed endorsement of a dentist, unless they've examined the dental practice up close. That means getting access to records and areas of the practice not generally accessible to a patient, and using a standardized assesssment tool to ensure nothing is overlooked.

In Mexico, knowledge of the local industry is also all important. Without knowing what to look for and which questions to ask, even a trained auditor can miss important details.

Question 2. I've heard of people who visited dentists in Mexico and were not satisfied with the care they received. How can I be sure that I won't have a similar experience?

Answer: The fact is, in Mexico, a large majority of dentists do not work to a standard that you would expect to find in Canada or the United States. Given these kinds of odds, finding dissatisfied dental tourism patients is not difficult. For the same reason, entering into dental tourism without a fully informed source of guidance is not advisable.

There are many reasons for the disparity between average dental standards of practice in Mexico and in North America. For a more detailed discussion see our page: Mexico Dentist Equipment.

The good news is, there are dentists in Mexico who practice at a standard that would meet, and in a lot of cases exceed, the standards you expect of a dentist in Canada and the United States.

These dentists can be the best the industry has to offer. Identifying them is what Holiday Dental specializes in. No other international dental referral service does the kind of in-depth practice review that Holiday Dental does.

Question 3. Will my dental insurance cover dental procedures performed in Mexico?

Answer: Most major providers of dental insurance do cover dental work performed outside of Canada and the United States. Dental insurance providers appreciate affordable sources of quality dental work. Although we've verified this for our clients with a number of the larger insurance companies, please check with your company. To submit a claim, take a paper copy of your insurer's claim form with you. Your dentist will assist you with the form completion. Submitting a claim generally requires that your claim specify the Canadian Dental Association procedure codes (ADA codes for Americans) for the work you had done. For a more detailed discussion, see our page dedicated to the issue: Dental Insurance Plans and Drug Coverage.

Question 4. Is Mexico a safe destination to visit?

Mexico Dental Tourism FAQ

Answer: I've travelled extensively in Mexico, including in the US border areas where problems related to drug smuggling do occur. I've never had a problem. Of course, I'm only one person, and my personal experience does not necessarily prove anything. Instead, consider this Reality Check article from the CBC. It quotes the statistics that support Mexico's claim of being a tourist destination that is safe relative to most others.

(The CBC is Canada's first and largest national network.)

Tourists who avoid becoming involved with drugs and who exercise common sense, are unlikely to have any problems while in Mexico.

All dentists in the Holiday Dental network are located in Puerto Vallarta (Pacific Coast) and on the Mayan Riviera (Caribbean coast). Although Mexico as a whole is safe for tourists, these tourist areas are particularly safe.

Question 5. I've heard Holiday Dental pays referral incentives to patients who use the services of Holiday Dental. How does that work?

Answer: As explained in question #1 above, we recognize that a first person endorsement is a convincing endorsement. Because of our rigorous dentist pre-screening, we know that when our clients share their experiences with others, they too will be convinced. By enrolling our clients in our referral program, we offer them financial incentives to share their good news with others.

Question 6. I like to know who I'm dealing with. When I Google "Daren Frick" (the founder of Holiday Dental) I find media stories about prison lock-downs and so on. What's all that about?

Answer: The founder of Holiday Dental, Daren Frick, is Assistant Warden at a maximum security federal prison in Canada. One of his duties in that capacity is media spokesperson. When major incidents occur at the prison, Daren speaks to the media on behalf of his employer, the Correctional Service of Canada.

Some of his other duties in this professional role contributed to his interest in founding Holiday Dental. Because the prison is self contained to the greatest extent possible, it provides on-site dental and medical facilities. Daren was responsible for facilities infrastructure for the prison dental and medical clinics during the process of attaining accreditation by Accreditation Canada. Being in this role allowed Daren to gain special insight into the requirements placed on clinics that operate according to the highest standards in North America.

Question 7. Will travel costs off-set what I save on my dental work?

Answer: We've dedicated a full webpage to dealing with this question. Please see: Cost of Travel for Dental Tourism.

Question 8. Have you heard any interesting stories related to dentistry lately?

Answer: Sure. Apart from recent stories regarding Holiday Dental in the News, here are a number of other interesting stories:

Dental Tourism FAQ

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dental tourism find a dentist

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