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Dental Tourism Referral Service Reaches Hawaii

Throughout Canada and most of the United States, the weather’s turning colder. At the same time, the cost of dental care is continuing to rise. There’s never been a better time to consider a visit to a world-class dental specialist who’s met the stringent screening criteria for acceptance into the Holiday Dental affiliate network.

Allowing our clients to access affordable, quality, safe dental care has always been our number one priority at Holiday Dental. However, one of the extras our clients enjoy is an opportunity for a stay at a beautiful beachside destination, with all the attractions, amenities and options Canadians and Americans demand. With this in mind, we were a little surprised to receive our first client from...Hawaii!

Why were we surprised? We’ve never before received a client from Hawaii, and it just seemed odd to leave a tropical paradise to obtain dental care in...a tropical paradise. However, on further consideration, it does make perfect sense. Roughly half the clients Holiday Dental has assisted so far have had little or no interest in the holiday aspect of what Holiday Dental offers. These clients are focussed only on access to top-notch dentists, whose practice and expertise goes beyond the norm (even by North American standards) while still charging a reasonable price and maintaining a patient-first focus.

Having already assisted clients from the four corners of North America: Texas, California, British Columbia and Nova Scotia and many places in-between, we’re proud to welcome a client who’s coming from a little off the map. We’ll be sure to make a similar announcement when we receive our first client from Alaska!

Dot CA Welcomes the World

Since incorporating nationally in 2011, Holiday Dental has become the leading international dental referral service in Canada. Although hard data is difficult to find, we’re positioned to become the leading referral service in North America. By setting the highest standards, Holiday Dental has built a network of affiliate dentists that includes only the very best, most qualified professionals. With unparalleled insight on the Latin American dental tourism industry, we know that building an exclusive affiliate network is the only way to promote the best interests of our clients. Word of our uncompromising approach, unique in the industry, has spread and we now receive enquiries from Canada, the United States and even Mexico. So far we’ve assisted clients from seven provinces in Canada and ten of the United States.

A comment we’ve heard regularly (Kathy from Sonoma County, California was the first to mention it), is that many Americans might be uncertain as to whether Holiday Dental can provide services to them as well as to Canadians. Apparently the confusion stemmed in part from our having a dot CA domain name, as opposed to dot COM. The good news is, American teeth are much the same as Canadian teeth, and Americans are under as much pressure as Canadians to afford the dental care they require. We can all benefit from access to high calibre professionals who charge a reasonable price for their services.

Leveraging Holiday Dental’s unprecedented connections in the educational and regulatory realm in Mexico has allowed us to identify the very best practitioners, who are able to support the special requirements and demands of dental tourists, whether they’re our fellow Canadians or our friends to the South.

What's the Talk

We received an excellent question not long ago from a dentist, concerned about dental tourism:

  • My question is why would anyone get any dental work done in a country where you don't feel safe drinking the water.
    - Ken Luft DDS

Of course any reasonable question merits a response:

  • Thanks for your enquiry. As a former resident of Southern Ontario, I know Canada has had its own water safety issues, yet I don’t believe that’s led to questions about Canadian dental care.

    Hold on to your chair for this: The vast majority of dentists in Mexico are not as qualified or as competent as you and your colleagues in Canada and in the US, and in most cases, they do not run their practices to a standard that would be acceptable here.

    That's why it's easy to find stories of people who went to Mexico hoping to save money, but return with sub-standard dental work or worse. At Holiday Dental we identify the very best practitioners, whose credentials, track-record and practices would meet and even exceed our domestic standards; world class practitioners, the cream of the crop. They're there, you just have to know who they are and avoid all others.

    People are already going to Mexico for dental care and it's a trend that's going to continue. Many of them are going because they just cannot afford the care they need here at home. Given that, if we focus strictly on the best interests of patients, the service Holiday Dental provides is a godsend (at least that's what they've told us).

    Thanks again for your enquiry. We always appreciate hearing from others in the industry.

Contact Us

We’re always happy to hear from you, whether you’re looking for a world-class dental practitioner to meet your needs, or are just curious about the dental tourism industry in general. Reasoned, informed discussion, is what we’re all about. The dental industry is presently evolving rapidly thanks to the recent arrival and increasing maturity of dental tourism. It’s now a viable option for those who cannot afford the care they need at home, or who just want a great holiday and great savings without sacrificing peace of mind. Of course change will be portrayed by some as a dangerous threat. That’s just human nature, so it’s important that we talk it out, and get the facts out. Facts conquer fear. So please, do send us any questions you may have using our "Contact Us" page or call us toll free anywhere in North America: 1-855-HOLIDEN. We’re here to help.

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