Dental Tourism News
(Issue 2-1)

Unlicensed Dentistry Thriving;
In Canada!

Dental prices in Canada are among the highest in the developed world, with most jurisdictions in the United States not far behind.  It’s not surprising some people are desperate enough to visit unlicensed dentists.  This past summer, media outlets were alive with stories of an unlicensed dentist (David Wu) on the West coast of Canada.  

For 10 years he operated out of a spare bedroom of his house and had a patient list of 1,500!  Two months after his practice was shut down, another popped up in the same neighbourhood.  The local College of Dentists is recommending all 1,500 patients be tested for diseases related to blood bourn pathogens.

A pre-screened dentist in Mexico; the advantages are numerous.

It’s true, home based, unlicensed dentists and also the majority of dentists in Mexico, do not comply with North American standards for things like infection prevention (e.g. instrument sterilization).  While some patients are forced to see non-compliant dentists either at home or abroad, most probably do not realize the serious chances they’re taking with their health.

What's the Talk:
Alberta Dentist Gets It Right On Dental Tourism

Often this section of our newsletter is dedicated to addressing misconceptions or misinformation about dental tourism that’s appeared in the media.  We’re happy to say an influential member of the Canadian dental establishment got it right about dental tourism. 

In a recent CTV News item about Holiday Dental, a member of the Canadian Dental Association’s board of directors, Dr. Randall Croutze commented; 

“I’m happy for those people that have been well treated, but from what I see, it’s a rare subset of the entire group that go down.”

Dr. Croutze, is absolutely right.  That rare subset of dental tourists are visiting a small subset of Mexican dentists.  They receive top quality dental care, delivered in a safe and hygienic way by a dentist who’s well qualified by anyone’s standard.  They also save 50 to 70% on their dental work, and enjoy a beachside vacation that’s paid for with their savings. 

Still, that’s not the point of Dr. Croutze’s comment. 

The point is, quality dental care is available in Mexico, if you know how to find it.  By accepting as affiliates only dentists who pass our four step pre-screening process, Holiday Dental has built an exclusive network of dental talent; a “rare subset” of true dental talent and dedication, in Mexico.

Holiday Dental Enhances Referral Incentives

Fall in Canada and much of the United States brings with it vibrant fall colors, along with the sugar fuelled fun of Halloween.  However, this fall was special for us at Holiday Dental.  In October we marked a significant milestone in terms of referral volume. 

Two years after opening our doors we’ve become Canada’s leading dental tourism referral service.  It was inevitable.  Our proprietary assessment process is unparalleled in the industry, ensuring we accept for our affiliate network only the most qualified, conscientious and proven professionals Mexico has to offer.

To mark the occasion, for the upcoming dental tourism season we’ve announced enhanced financials for our referral program.  Details have been released to our referral program participants, (currently open only to HD clients).

Congratulations to one program participant in Canada. She set a new referral record by referring two friends to Holiday Dental before her first appointment!  With that type of motivation, we expect to see her retired on a beach early in life.

Holiday Dental Expands in the USA

One year ago we reported that Holiday Dental was welcoming the world.  At that time, in addition to having received clients from seven Canadian Provinces, we’d also been entrusted with finding top dental talent by people in ten States of the USA.  Although Canadians are probably the world’s most enthusiastic supporters of dental tourism, Americans are starting to demand informed and objective dental tourism advice.  Who can blame them?  Until now they’ve only ever been able to access dental referral advertising, provided by companies with almost no familiarity with the dentists they represent.

As of today, Holiday Dental is proud to have introduced Americans to dental tourism from the following 22 States (we’ve received 3 enquiries from Alaska, but so far nobody’s committed, Come-On ALASKA!): Arizona, California (our #1 State for dental tourism), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia.

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We’re always happy to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for a world-class dental practitioner to meet your needs, or are just curious about the dental tourism industry in general, we can help. Reasoned, informed discussion, is what we’re all about. The dental industry is evolving rapidly thanks to the recent arrival and increasing maturity of dental tourism. It’s now a viable option for those who cannot afford the care they need at home, or who just want a great holiday and great savings without sacrificing peace of mind. Of course change will be portrayed by some as a dangerous threat. That’s just human nature, so it’s important we talk it out, and get the facts out. Facts conquer fear. So please, do send us your questions using our "Contact Us" webpage or call us toll free anywhere in North America: 1-855-HOLIDEN. We’re here to help.

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