Dental Tourism Question: Will the Cost of Travel Off-Set the Savings On Quality Dental Work?

Dental Tourism Answer: It's really up to you.

Over the past thirty years, the demand from North Americans for holiday destinations that are hospitable, affordable and convenient has resulted in the Mexican tourist industry growing by leaps and bounds.

What were once sleepy coastal fishing villages are now home to every kind of holiday accommodation to suit your needs. From discount Mexico vacations to all inclusive Mexico vacation packages, there's something to meet anyone's travel budget.

The one constant is that for the dental work you require, you will save money in Mexico. It's up to you how you want to spend that money. Some of it will likely have to go towards travel costs.

If you only require minor dental care, or if you prefer to stay at a 5 star Mexico resort, your total savings will be less, and it could be that your travel costs will consume most of the money you save. In that case, your vacation is a bonus relative to what you might have paid at home.

If you require more extensive dental care, or if you are willing to accept 3 star accommodations a block or two away from the beach, you will likely end up with your dental care, essentially a free vacation and money in your pocket relative to what you would have paid at home.

In my personal case, I required dental care that would have cost $5,000 in Canada. I stayed at a three year old, 3.5 star business oriented hotel that was very modern, clean, convenient and located a block away from the beach. I did this for one week on each of two separate trips, and I still saved over $1,000.

The only downside to the entire experience was that I went to a dentist who I could not recommend to family and friends due to some issues with their overall practice. The finished product however is first-rate.

I did not have an objective, informed source that I could consult and ask to put me in contact with dentists who had been systematically pre-screened on-site. If you're considering dental tourism to Mexico, your advantage is; you have the source that I was missing; Holiday Dental Inc.

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Besides great savings on quality dental work, an escape to a sunny vacation spot is one of the most appealing features of dental tourism. Here's a picture of the Frick family in Canada. The snow under their feet is four feet deep!

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