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1. UNAM - National University of Mexico

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2. UDLSB - University De La Salle Bajío

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3. UAQ - University of Queretaro

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4. UACL - University City of Juarez

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3. UAQ

mexico dentist UAQ Interview

Coming soon, one on one interview with Dr. Alicia Teran, senior professor in the University of Queretaro dental program.
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find a good dentist 3 UAQ bldg 2

find a good dentist 2 UAQ bldg 1

The University of Queretaro is located in the City of Queretaro, 2 hours NW of Mexico City. The city is very picturesque and historic, a real treat for anyone interested in touring around.

The UAQ campus is the smallest that we visited, but again, thoroughly modern and growing (see below).

mexico holidays 0149-UAQ-bldgnew2

mexico holidays 2 0152-UAQ-bldgnew1

With an eye to the future, the UAQ dental capmus is being expanded. A major addition is nearing completion, and was still being constructed when we visited (above).

mexico holidays 3 0183sm-UAQ-PC

mexico holidays 4 0181sm-UAQ-LCD

UAQ's dental program leverages technology. This ensures patients receive the best care available and endows students with competitive skills in a dental industry that is evolving rapidly.

mexico holidays 5 0153-UAQ-Compres

Dr. Teran was proud to show us evidence of the schools commitment to the environment through application of the latest technology. The schools super efficient Kaeser air compressors (for dental procedures, shown at right) were also on display in the Germany Pavillion at the World Dental Congress Exhibition which Holiday Dental attended.

affordable dental implants 0154-UAQ-vacuum

The vacuum/suction system in use by the dental school at UAQ is by Air Techniques (USA) It ensures that no dental work by-products make it into the city sanitation system.


mexico dentist UACJ interview

Coming soon, one on one interview with Dr. Daniel Constandse, Dean of the faculty of dentistry at UACJ.
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dentist search 0073 UCAJ

Located in the city of Juarez, UACJ is only a few minutes from the US border city of El Paso TX. As with all the dental campuses that Holiday Dental visited, UACJ is very modern and well equipped.

dentist search 0060sm-UACJ mexico dentist 0065sm-UACJ

The school's proximity to the US border means that many graduates will eventually include many Americans in their patient lists. Additionally, the school attracts it's share of foreign students, including ones from the United States who are lured by the top-notch training and equipment, and affordable tuition relative to schools in the US.

dentist search 0071sm-UACJ mexico dentist 0072-UACJ

Once again at UACJ the Mexican dental education system proved to be training dental students in the use of the latest technology.

mexico dentist 0062sm-UACJ dental tourism 0067sm-UACJ

The pediatric dentistry program at UACJ provides valuable services to residents of the City of Juarez and surrounding area.

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