In Mexico, Dentist Continuing Education and Advancing Technology Is Critical To Meeting the Needs of Dental Tourists.

When Mexico City Hosted the World Dental Congress, Holiday Dental Was There.

Mexico dentist congress IPC lecture

Any legitimate international dental referral service stays on top of the latest trends and developments in the dental industry. This is especially true when those trends and developments directly impact the countries in which that firm has an interest.

With this in mind, Holiday Dental attended the World Dental Federation annual World Congress hosted by Mexico City. Being there allowed Holiday Dental to:

* see first hand new developments in the dental industry in Mexico and around the world,

* meet with dental industry leaders from Mexico and around the world,

* get a handle on Mexico dentist continuing education opportunities and,

* ensure we are fully informed about what to demand on behalf of the dental tourists we assist.

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Affordable Dental Implants

Multi-national dental implant manufacturers are well aware of the opportunities for dental tourism enjoyed by patients from Canada and the United States. These dental implant manufacturers know that the best materials in the hands of the best dental practitioners, will result in a positive outcome for all.

Many patients in Canada and the United States have been priced out of the domestic market for dental implants and are turning elsewhere to find affordable dental implants. Seeing this, manufacturers are going where their customers are going: Mexico.

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Dental Continuing Education

The World Dental Federation is recognized by the United Nations World Health Organization. The dental education lectures offered at the World Congress were elegible for credit towards continuing education requirements for dentists from most countries around the world.

While at the congress, we were able to attend a number of lectures on such topics as:

* The multidisciplinary approach to dental implant treatment,

* Infection Prevention and Control,

* Harmonization of dental educational standards around the world,

* Recent advancements in dental techniques and materials.

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One on One Meetings With Leaders in the Mexican Dental Industry

Attendance at the World Dental Federation allowed Holiday Dental to meet with leaders in the Mexican dental industry, including the deans of several dental schools, national representatives from major international producers of dental materials and equipment, and senior executives from dental organizations, such as the Foreign Secretary of the Mexican Dental Association, Dr. Luis Karakowsky.

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One on One Interview with Dr. Luis Karakowsky, Foreign Secretary for the Mexican Dental Association.

Holiday Dental Surveys the Latest Technological and Product Advances Becoming Available in Mexico and Around the World

Exhibitors at the Congress displayed the latest advances in dental techniques and technologies. Recognizing the growth in the Mexican dental tourism market and the domestic dental market, manufacturers of dental high technology are competing for market share. They know that there is growing demand in Mexico for high-end dental solutions.

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