In Mexico Dentist Equipment Can Vary Widely.

Some practices use equipment that is the latest in dental technology and will likely be better than you find at your dentist's office at home, while others may use equipment that will be far less current.

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This disparity is due to the Mexican economy and competitive forces within the Mexican dental industry. The result is there are two types of Mexico dentists, determined by who they provide services to:

1) Dentists that serve primarily the domestic market and,

2) Dentists that serve primarily the tourist and high-end domestic market.

Because Mexico is a developing economy, most Mexicans are not able to visit dentists who have high overhead costs for such things as upgraded dental equipment, continuing education, comfortable waiting rooms and so on. As a result, many of the dentists serving the domestic market neglect these elements of their practice as a strategy for remaining cost competitive. Affordable dentist mexico equipment scanner

If you search around the internet and the Mexican holiday destinations of Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or Playa del Carmen, you will be able to find dentists who advertise prices even lower than those dentists pre-screened by Holiday Dental. But be cautious of very low prices. Usually this means there is something that is missing in that practice. You may not become aware of what that is until you get there, or you may never become aware of it.

Given the higher profit margins available in the dental tourism market, there is a real incentive for dentists who are really only equipped to serve the domestic market to attempt to attract patients from the dental tourism market or from the dental cross-border shopping market.

In order to avoid this potential pit-fall, it's advisable to visit only dentists that have been systematically pre-screened for you the dental tourist. Dentists who possess the qualifications, equipment, facilities and customer support that you'll need and expect.

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