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Why Mexico is Your Best Option for Dental Tourism

There are several reasons Mexico has become the number one destination for Canadian and American dental tourists searching for high quality, affordable dental care:

1. A Well Developed Dental Tourism Industry.

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Mexico, because of its proximity to the United States, has developed more dental tourism capacity than any other country. Much of this capacity originated along the US border. Originally the intent was to meet the needs of people in the US who live close to the Mexican border. These Americans (and Canadian snowbirds) helped establish the Mexican dental tourism industry. They were taking part in what I refer to as "dental cross border shopping", not "dental tourism". (Follow the link below to see why I make this distinction, and to learn more about the Mexican dental tourism industry.)

Dental tourists are people who usually have the option of staying at home for treatment. Mexican dentists who have wanted to entice dental tourists, have for years been using the latest in dental technology and equipment.

Today, the expertise that developed along the US border to meet the dental needs of foreign visitors, is spreading to places in Mexico that are more appealing to vacation seekers. This has resulted in patients who do not live close to the Mexican border, travelling to Mexico for dental care.

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2. An Advanced Dental Education System

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Mexico has far more dental schools than Canada, both in terms of absolute number of schools and also on a per capita basis. In Mexico there is one dental school for every 1 million residents, whereas in Canada there is one dental school for every 3.5 million residents. These numbers do not indicate anything about the overall quality of education, but do indicate that in Mexico, dental education is well established. In fact, Mexico is a net exporter of dental education, primarily to other Latin American countries and to the United States. (Follow the link below to learn more about the Mexican dental education system.)

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3. A Well Established Tourism Industry

The objective of dental tourism (as opposed to dental cross border shopping) is to enjoy a holiday in a beautiful location in addition to saving money on high quality dental care. Of course Mexico has long been a magnet for Canadian and American tourists. The beautiful beaches, welcoming, exotic culture and reasonable prices sustain a tourism industry with few rivals. In the coastal areas of Mexico resorts are numerous. In Mexico all inclusive resorts are also common, so there are options no matter what your accommodation preferences. (Follow the link below to learn more about travel to and within Mexico.)

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4. Price

There are many reasons dental care in Mexico is more affordable than in Canada or the United States.

a. Economic Factors:
The economic reality of a developing economy means that in Mexico dentists are only able to charge so much. Beyond a certain price point they will begin to price themselves out of the market and lose patients who can no longer afford to visit the dentist or who just take their business elsewhere.

b. Lower Cost of Inputs:
Almost everything is less expensive in Mexico than in Canada or the United States. Labour costs far less, rent costs less, manufactured dental materials such as dental implants cost less, the list goes on. Due to the level of competition in the Mexican dental industry, these lower costs tend to get passed along to the consumer-patient.

c. Lower Dentist Debt Loads:
Mexico has a mix of public and private dental schools. I've visted a number of both and developed the impression the private schools have higher representation of foreign students and/or students from affluent backgrounds. In both cases, the student's debt load upon graduation will tend to be low. Mexican nationals, who study dentistry at publicly funded universities, have a great number to choose from, many of which are quite prestigious. Upon graduation these student's debt load is essentially non-existent due to government subsidization.

Contrast this to the American experience. An acquaintance of mine, who is the dean of a private dental school in California, estimates that the debt load of his students upon graduation is upwards of $300,000.

d. Lower Dentist Incomes:
Hard data on this topic is hard to find. Since a lot of dentist are essentially self-employed business people, it's difficult to pin them down on how much they actually make. I've heard approximations of around $300,000 per year for Canadian GP dentists and $40,000 for Mexican dentists. Although these numbers are difficult to verify, it seems likely there is a significant difference in income between North American and Mexican dentists. This of course would make a significant difference in the final bill to the consumer-patient.

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5. Geography

When travelling for a holiday (whether or not it includes dental tourism), time spent on a plane is time taken away from enjoying your destination. From Canada or the United States, Mexico is fast and easy to get to. A traveller starting in Toronto can fly to Cancun Mexico in less time than it would take to fly to Vancouver.

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