Combine Mexico Holidays With A Visit to a Qualified, Pre-Screened Dentist. Why Holiday Dental Can Help

A message from Daren Frick, founder of Holiday Dental:


Combining Mexico holidays with a visit to a dentist in Mexico is a great idea. And in our globalized world, it's an idea whose time has come.

As noted on the Holiday Dental home page, the services Holiday Dental provides are offered free of charge to you the dental tourist. These services are a result of my own mixed experience with dental tourism.

In researching dental tourism I tried for months to find a source of objective information that I could trust. I found that there really were none.

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Daren Frick - Holiday Dental Founder

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Once my dental tourism experience was underway, I also discovered you have to be very careful about any recommendations and advice you receive from people with only a basic consumer's level knowledge. I suppose this applies to all things in life, "been there, done that" counts, but when the topic is complex, you need to talk to someone who's been there, done that, but who also:

a) knows the Mexican dental industry and the people in it,

(see Holiday Dental interviews with Mexico dental industry leaders)

(see Holiday Dental at the World Dental Congress)

b) possesses better than average knowledge,

(see Holiday Dental interviews with leaders in Mexico dental education)

c) can access a systematic assessment and,

d) takes the time on-site to pre-screen and assess.

In my particular case, I required a dental implant. Generally dental implants cost more than twice as much in Canada and the United States than in Mexico. This is true of most dental procedures. So if you:

* need dental work and have found that your individual dental coverage is coming up short,

* need dental work but are not covered by any dental insurance plans or,

* are planning some Mexico holidays and want to save on dental work while you're there,

you owe it to yourself to consider the possibilities dental tourism can offer.

Despite my having a good income and dental coverage through my work as Assistant Warden at a federal maximum security correctional facility, I still found that dental tourism was worthwhile financially. The tools and materials used were the same or better than what was available to me in Canada, and I'm completely satisfied with the finished product.

The fact that my savings more than paid for two trips to a beautiful holiday destination, was a bonus.

Thank you for considering Holiday Dental for your dental tourism needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Daren Frick
Founder, Holiday Dental Inc.

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